This blog is about travelling through Japan on a foldable bicycle (Brompton) but also by train, ferry, plane, bus or any other transport, if sea, weather, mountains or the like come between me and my desire to ride.
I have tried to summarise information that could be potentially helpful also for other bicycle travellers through Japan, such as list of bicycle roads, helpful web pages etc. Once I start my ride, I will upload the actual routes taken, together with some pictures and description.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Iwate - possible routes (also includes a bit Akita, Fukushima and Niigata, but by train / car)

Relaxing Onsen  ⇒ 2 days, no riding

  • Shinkansen from Hachinohe through Morioka to Tazawako, 1:15 h
  • Rental car from Tazawako and into the onsen area → Actually bus turned out to be totally okay. 
Here a link to the actual stay and ride on Tazawako and on to Kakunodate. 

Route Morioka - Tono - Hiraizumi  ⇒ 4 days, 185 km

Here the link to the actual ride done.

Onwards to Aizuwakamatsu & Ouchijuku by train ⇒ 2 days, 9 km
  • Day 1: Hiraizumi to Aizuwakamatsu ⇒ 9 km 
    • Part 1: By bicycle: Hiraizumi - Ichinoseki station
    • Part 2: By train: Ichinoseki station to Aizuwakamatsu, by train, about 3 hours, one change of trains
  • Accommodation: Aizuwakamatsu (2 days)
  • Day 2: Aizuwakamatsu and Ouchijuku

Excusion to Tashirojima

  • Possible excursion from Hiraizumi to Ishinomaki (either by train or bike) and then on the ferry to Tashirojima (cat island)

Onwards to Niigata and Sado Island by bus and ferry ⇒ 1 day, no riding
  • Aizuwakamatsu to Niigata, by bus about 2 h 
  • Niigata to Sado Island per ferry or jet foil, about 1  - 2.5 h

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