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Monday, 6 May 2019

Golden Week 2019 - The plan GWの計画について

I am back in Japan for 2 month of extended business trip. In the middle of this time there is however Golden Week, the longest ever, 10 days off in a row. (Thanks to the tenno abdicating). 

I organized these 10 days at end of January, while waiting for a flight to Sapporo, that brought me, among other wintery things, to these very cute penguins in Otaru: 

Now this is no excuse for organizing a GW that is counter intuitive. Essentially the plan is:

- Day 0 (= Friday): depart from Osaka to Tokyo
- Day 1 (= Saturday): Tokyo with NPC friends
- Day 2 (= Sunday): Tokyo with more friends
- Day 3 (= Monday): move back (by train) to Kansai and stay in Yamatoyagi, in inner Nara prefecture, where I was already 1.5 years ago and liked it a lot.
- Day 4 & 5 (= Tuesday & Wednesday) in and around Yamatoyagi: Day 4 Miwa, Day 5 Asuka
- Day 6 (= Thursday), ride down towards Wakayama

Until here while illogical to move first from Kansai to Kanto and then back again, the plan isn't too bad. (Note that the Tokyo stint was conditioned by the date the NPC friends meet). Now the following part has me moving (by train) across a lot of land... to get to Matsue and Izumo. Why? Because I have never been even anywhere close to that region, it seems to be very cycling friendly, and I simply wanted to go. So...

- Day 7 (= Friday), moving by train (and a bit of bike) from Wakayama to Matsue
- Day 8 (= Saturday), Matsue
- Day 9 (= Sunday), from Matsue to Izumo
- Day 10 (= Monday), Izumo and flight back to Haneda for my last 3 weeks of business trip in Japan.

On Google maps these 10 days look like this:

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