This blog is about travelling through Japan on a foldable bicycle (Brompton) but also by train, ferry, plane, bus or any other transport, if sea, weather, mountains or the like come between me and my desire to ride.
I have tried to summarise information that could be potentially helpful also for other bicycle travellers through Japan, such as list of bicycle roads, helpful web pages etc. Once I start my ride, I will upload the actual routes taken, together with some pictures and description.

Saturday, 17 June 2017


In  order to use  the Garmin device for navigation, sometimes one needs the coordinates of a place. It is surprisingly difficult to find coordinates Google maps. But doable.

  1. Go to Google maps and drop a pin on the place where you want to go.
  2. This will show you a lengthy number at the bottom of Google maps.
  3. Now surprisingly that number are NOT the coordinates that you need to enter into Garmin.
  4. Instead type in those numbers in Google maps for searching the location.
  5. Which will then finally give you the actual coordinates of the place in Google maps at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Now go to your Garmin in the "Where to?" menu, select "search" and "coordinates", and then enter your coordinates from the above screen in Google maps. Press ok and "ride" and your little Garmin will search for a way how to go to that place.
Not easy and straightforward, but doable. I guess there are other much better ways how to do it out there, but that's what I found. And most importantly, it works!

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